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What is is your voice in the Texas Legislative process. provides a nonpartisan, public forum for Texans to express their views and concerns about specific pieces of legislation in the Texas Legislature.

At, we are striving to build upon the unprecedented participation and interest in the political process created by the last two election cycles. We believe that a robust, well-informed electorate is vital to the success of Texas, and we hope that will provide Texans an avenue to stay engaged on the issues that matter to our great state.

What's a "back mic" anyway?

There are two primary microphones in the Texas House of Representatives. The front mic is where legislation is introduced. The back mic is where another legislator may start a debate on the bill at hand. takes the concept of the "back mic" to the public. You are encouraged to start your own debates on these bills, vote as if you were a legislator and then share your votes and opinions on Facebook and Twitter.  

Who founded and sustains was founded and created by Ted Delisi. It is advised by a governance board of Republicans and Democrats including Harold Cook, Glenn Smith, Eric Bearse and Reggie Bashur. This bipartisan group will give feedback and recommendation to the debates and opinions expressed on Additional feedback can be provided by emailing

How do I sign up on

Signing up to is easy. Just go to "Sign Up" at the top of the website. All we ask for is your chosen screen name, email, the county in which you reside and your chosen password. For your privacy, we will never ask for your full name.

Do I have to be logged in to comment or vote on

You must be logged in to comment or vote.

How do I suggest a Bill to be debated or featured on

You must be logged in to to use the "Suggest a Bill to" feature located at the top of the website. To suggest a bill simply enter the bill number and a brief description why you believe the bill should be debated on If we choose to start a debate on your bill suggestion, you will be notified via email that the debate has started.

Who gets to comment first on a Bill that is suggested to

We will reserve the first comment for the author of the bill.

Can I debate on a Bill that is not the "Featured Bill"?

Yes, you can debate any bill within the site. Simply search for your bill by selecting "Browse Bills By Category" or "Browse Bills by Author" on the home page, or you can view all bills on the BackMic Scorecard.

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