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Proposing a constitutional amendment to authorize the legislature to set a lower limit on the maximum appraised value of a residence homestead for ad valorem taxation. Read & Follow the Bill
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the debate: HJR39
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Comments from Bill Callegari

Our appraisal system allows for property tax increases that may exceed homeowners' ability to pay. For example, a home appraised at $150,000 in 2005, could reach a taxable value of over $240,000 by year 2010. This appraisal increase would make the home's 2010 property tax bill over 60 percent higher than it was in 2005. Appraisal creep of this magnitude increases property taxes at a rate greater than the typical paycheck. A five percent appraisal cap, which my legislation proposes, protects taxpayers from these levels of increases.

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(Travis County) February 17, 2011, 11:02 am report abuse
Introduced and referred to committee on House Ways and Means (2/15/11)
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