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Relating to the registration of voters at a polling place during early voting by personal appearance and related procedures. Read & Follow the Bill
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the debate: SB211
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(Travis County) February 9, 2011, 1:45 pm report abuse
Referred to State Affairs Committee on 1/31/11
(McLennan County) February 8, 2011, 9:55 am Thumbs Down report abuse
This would allow someone with a UTILITY BILL to register and vote during early voting. ANYONE could vote with a Utility bill, legal citizen of Texas or not.
(Williamson County) January 23, 2011, 5:26 am Thumbs Down report abuse
I too fell this would not be a good idea for Texas. Let's learn from history and mistakes of other states.
(Denton County) January 20, 2011, 3:03 pm Thumbs Down report abuse
I am not happy about a same day voter registration bill. There have been too many issues all over the nation with these instances. We do NOT need to add Texas to the list!
(Travis County) January 19, 2011, 7:36 pm report abuse
This is a same day registration bill. Concerns exist about whether adequate systems are in place or available to prevent fraud when voters are offered same day registration as an option.
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