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Relating to public school accountability for bilingual education and English as a second language and other special language programs. Read & Follow the Bill
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the debate: SB53
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Comments from Judith Zaffirini

Strong bilingual education and special language programs are keys to improving Texas' education system. SB 53 would help ensure the success of these programs by improving the Texas Education Agency's (TEA) ability to monitor them and evaluate their effectiveness. The bill would require TEA use a wide range of criteria in evaluating bilingual education programs in public and charter schools. The criteria include student achievement indicators, performance on assessments, and the difference in dropout and grade-level retention rates between students of limited English proficiency and other students. What's more, the bill would require TEA to disaggregate the data collected to the campus and grade levels, to consider the high school dropout rate separately from the middle school dropout rate, and to set higher standards for comparing student academic achievement.

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(Travis County) February 9, 2011, 3:04 pm report abuse
Introduced and referred to committee on Senate Education (1/31/11)
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